Delivering Excellence…
Having been in Land development for over 3 decades, Viraj Estates has made a much awaited step into the world of construction. We specialize in liasons for land clearance and offer wholesale selling of large portions of land at the most competitive rates in the city. We assure our clients a product that surpasses all expectation and delivers excellence.
Having put immense research and thought into every one of our projects, we can promise nothing less than idealism. We do not believe perfection is out of reach and that resolve shows through each development. Over the last six-eight years, industrial development has advanced in Nasik and we intend to be onboard that train, picking up speed every step of the way. Putting our expertise to use, we are able to deliver luxury products to you at promising rates that offer complete value for money.
Adhering to quality and detail has been the cornerstone of our projects which are already being lapped up in the market. From planning, location, design and finishing touches, Viraj Reality takes care of all your concerns and necessities. Looking to change the Nasik landscape by creating or own definition of luxury, Viraj Reality is tailor made for you. Managed by professionals with years of experience, we ensure the company maintains its high standards of quality on time and up to the mark.